Our seamstresses come from the villages Komari and Pottuvil on Sri Lanka’s East coast and have flourished into creative and skilled artisans with us.



is with us since 2013 and was one of our first tailors in Komari. She quickly learned how to make all the different models and is now involved in the process of making new designs. Apart from her great talent on the sewing machine, she became a very good factory manager.



joined us in 2013 as well, and she worked her way through everything from washing to riveting. Her skills at the sewing machine became too good to let her do anything else. She loves making reverse bags and purses.



runs the kindergarten in the village, grows chillies and has never been seen idle. In her free time and school holidays, she makes incredibly good quality bags as fast as any professional tailor.  



loves farming and cooks fantastic curries which she loves to share whenever she comes to the company house. She leaves with empty plates and lots of material for purses. She finishes them at home on her trusted singer sewing machine.




is with us since 2014 and quickly became a respected team member. She knows how to make all our hessian bag models and is always happy to learn something new and support Nanthini for customized orders. 



joined the team as a trainee in 2015. From the beginning she has been hard working and keen to learn, which paid off. She now makes our hessian drawstrings and hessian yoga mat bags.


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has literally touched every Rice & Carry bag out there. She is in charge of washing and ironing all hessian sacks, rice bags and plastic bags we reuse. She is doing a fantastic job!



is our youngest team member at our production site in Komari. She is very talented and enjoys the full support of our older seamstresses in work as well as in life matters.  And yes, there is a shorter version for her name. 



makes reverse bags from her home in Komari. She joins the production team every now and then to fill up her stock and to catch up on the latest gossip.



helps the team by ironing hessian sacks and making sure the production site is spick and span. She is also in charge of preparing delicious tea and ensuring the team gets their well deserved break twice a day.



joined the team in early 2018 and is responsible for quality control. She does not only check every bag and purse, but also writes delivery notes and invoices to retailers islandwide.



is with us since 2018 and makes hessian purses. She is one of our home tailors, but lives just around the corner of our company house. That makes it easy for her to come around to fill up stock or chit chat.



started working for Rice & Carry in early 2018. She is a quiet and calm soul and completes the team perfectly. To start off, she makes hessian purses.

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is in charge of quality control. With dedication she checks each bag and makes sure only the best quality leaves our company house in Komari. Her positive attitude is infectious and well appreciated within the team.



‘s persistence paid off. More than once she asked for work and we are happy to have her in our team and train her how to produce hessian bags.


is our dear friend and helps us with many things. He distributes all materials to the women working for us in Pottuvil.

Samsath, Pasmia, Namsia, Hamsuna, Salma, Thaj & Hajidha

Thastakeer’s daughter Samsath was our very first employee when everything was just an experiment a few years back. She is talented and skilled and now has two helpers, Pasmia and Namsia. We are also very proud of Hamsuna, Salma, Thaj and Hajidha's passionate work and thankful for their belief in our idea, which was absurd to many people in the beginning.

All Pottuvil women working for Rice & Carry handcraft their bags in their own homes. They do not wish their photos to be shown on this page and we respect that of course. We value them for their good work - some of them have been with us from the very first day.


Susi & Henry

are the owners of Lanka Upcycles Pvt Ltd., the company behind Rice & Carry.

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Telef, Larry & Ms. Momsen

are the adorable cats that surround Rice & Carry workers every day and spread good vibes.